Furniwood’s story – Where we preserve and give back beaty to the next generation in the future.

Furniwood’s natural wood furnishings have been loved and enjoyed by lovers for a long time. We used to be satisfied with a small corner with a few people who have same thoughts (I mean similar about thoughts/ think the same), souls would be shared, touched each other to get the vibe in each natural line, each wood grain like us.

But then something changed. There were some questions coming to us, staying there, which made us uneasy and difficult decided to find answers.

In the chaos days earlier 2020, when life were forced to slow down, we had more time to reflect ourself and looked back ourself, looking ourself in the world and see the whole world in small corners arround us.  We sat together arround the wooden table and wondered: If this world was so fragile and so changeable, what could we have done to make its beautiful corners last longer? Like talk about the beauty of wooden furniture to more people, telling people stories how natural mother-made beatiful items? Like giving people furniture that will be passed down hundreds of years in the family’s history, like how people in the past passed down valuable things?

We spent a lot of time reviewing and reviewing the products that Furniwood made …

Small and big furniture, however, are proud to be unique. Because the shape and color of the product were created by a natural mother, we keep the solid wood, trimmed a little lighter, then polish and use a basic oil wipe to keep durable products, no termites. We would also like to say no to PU or varnish to keep the natural wood color, while protecting the health of the users. Wood is a class I precious wood that only keeps the hard core to be time-tested to ensure it does not rot. Inside the wood grain lines is a historical witness, recording the climate change in our time has passed. By using solid wood, precious wood over time, glossy, Furniwood is proud to say that our products are among the few types of furniture that get more beautiful and increase in value over time.

Looking closely, the small houses or large buildings when using wooden furniture all bring warmth, comfort and sophistication, creating an attractive aesthetic. Looking further out, wood is a building material that can be regenerated by planting new trees. There is also a lower carbon footprint during the manufacturing process compared to other building materials. So why don’t we use wooden furniture more? With those values ​​and beliefs, Furniwood has stepped out of the familiar mountain town to enter the world with a small showroom that appeared in the heart of Saigon for the first time. It is the answer that what we can do something helpful. Come to Furniwood to feel the charming, unique beauty of each furniture item. Then we’ll see which item will be charming enough to become a part of your space, from now to the future.